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    Shadow of burglars hand approaching door

    How to Help Prevent Home Break-Ins

    Burglary rates have gone down across Canada over the last couple of years; regardless, it is important to safeguard your house and protect the people and possessions inside of it. Most home intruders will use entry points such as doors and windows to gain entrance into your home, and if your windows and doors are not adequately secured the potential for crime is increased. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your home security:

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    Man using drill to install new door

    Important to Reasons to Have A Professional Install Your New Front Door

    Your front door says plenty about who you are; the choice of colour and design can help accentuate your individuality and personality. Your front door is the first impression you wish to make to anybody driving or walking by, so it’s essential that it’s installed proficiently. Here are some important reasons why hiring a professional door company is critical if you are replacing your front door:

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    Newly applied Vinyl Siding added to home

    Why You Should Apply Vinyl Siding to Your House

    Vinyl sidings were first introduced to the homeowner’s market in the 1950s, and since then it has remained the industry standard due to its durability, versatility and customization. Vinyl sidings make sense for home renovations and upgrades because they are less expensive than other traditional sidings such as wood or brick, and they are also more comfortable to maintain & clean. Here are some good reasons that you should apply vinyl siding to your home if you plan on building, renovating or upgrading:

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    Home with newly installed storm doors and windows

    Why You Should Invest in Storm Doors for This Upcoming Winter

    Although we may only be in October, with November and December just around the corner, it is now time to focus on your home to ensure you are prepared for the cold weather to keep you and your family warm. Turning on your furnace is an excellent step in keeping your house warm, but did you know that you can upgrade your windows and doors to provide optimal temperatures and energy efficiency in cold months? Here are a few reasons why you should invest in storm window and doors this upcoming Winter:

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    Black Mold Growing on Window Pane

    Methods to Stop Mold from Developing on Your Windows

    Mould is a nuisance for any homeowner or business owner; the browning or blacking on the window is not only unappealing and unpleasant to look at, but it could also become a health hazard for your family or customers. The primary issue with mould is that it can be hard to detect, as it often can blend in with the colour of the window frame. Cause for concern should spark upon sight of mould because what you can see is only a fraction of what is present. Here are a couple of tips to prevent mould from developing on your windows and what to do if mould has already developed:


    Removing Mold from My Windows


    • Safety first! Ensure you wear personal protective equipment (PPE) before handling any toxic materials, protect your skin by wearing gloves, goggles to shield your eyes, and a dust mask to keep you from ingesting dangerous toxins.
    • Use a towel or any sheet to catch falling mould while cleaning your window.
    • Make sure there is enough ventilation, opening windows and doors can protect you from airborne viruses caused by mould.
    • Do NOT merely use generic window cleaners! Mix a concoction that is 75% warm water and 25% bleach. Dip a soft brush in the mix and rub the mould to loosen it up. Then proceed to wipe the loose mould.
    • Give the window time to dry before shutting it entirely and wipe away any extra debris.


    So now that you understand the simple and effective way to remove mould that has grown onto your windows, you need to know the best way to prevent this from occurring again.


    Ways to Prevent Mold from Growing on My Windows


    • Condensation is one of the leading culprits in the development of harmful moulds. To prevent condensation build-up, the internal temperature of your home should be northward of 70 degrees while managing proper airflow by leaving your ceiling vents open.
    • Routine home cleaning can prevent mould from thriving. Standard dust found in every household contains the right properties to help mould grow. Dust will settle on the mould causing the mould to grow and spread throughout the window. Rooms that are used more frequently contain more dirt, so bathrooms and bedrooms are familiar places for dust amalgamation, ensure these rooms remain clean.
    • Certified replacement windows, installed by a window professional, will ensure that your home receives optimal efficiency in air infiltration as well as water seepage.


    Beaumart wants every home and business owner to showcase windows they can be proud to own. We also wish for every homeowner and business owner to not risk their health or the health of those around them. The toxins that mould can spread can be potentially hazardous. If you are looking to upgrade your windows and get rid of mould once and for all, contact Beaumart today!

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    White bedroom with couch next to bed

    Which Style Of Replacement Windows Should You Choose?

    If the time has come to replace your windows, you may want to consider a stylistic change from what you once had. New windows can change the environment and the mood of your family room, dining room, bathroom or bedroom. Specific windows allow in more light, while others are better for ventilation and energy conservation. Here are a few different styles that may interest you when you are in the market for new windows.


    Double Hung

    Double hung windows are an ideal window for any house due to their modernist style and versatility. Double hung windows have two panels that are movable which allow for easy and routine cleaning & maintenance. If needed, double-hung windows are also capable of containing a window air conditioner unit. Double hung windows allow homeowners to completely open one side of the window which permits copious amounts of fresh air and ventilation into the house, which would be ideal for those living in hot or dry areas.


    Bay Windows

    Bay Windows are windows that protrude through the outside of your home and create the illusion that you have more space inside your home.  Bay windows typically allow for a significant intake of sunlight due to a large surface area of the window. With the implementation of a bay window, it opens up a window seat for the inside of your home. This seat can be used as an additional lounging spot when you have family or guests over. If you wish to be creative, there is an opportunity for you to use the window seat a cubby hole for storage; by installing hinges on your bench, you can use it to store items such as blankets, television remotes or board games.


    Casement Windows

    Casement windows provide homeowners with design options aplenty; they fit the parameters of your window space. When closed, they are amongst the leaders in energy efficiency as they do a sublime job of restricting air from flowing past the glass. Casement windows are supreme at capturing side breezes that other windows would have a difficult time catching. A breeze that does not directly flow inside your window tricky to catch; since casement window panes protrude from an angle, they are good at capturing side breezes and siphoning them into your home. They also add a layer of security to your home as the locking mechanism is very intricate and nearly impossible to touch. For homeowners living in areas susceptible to crime or break-ins, a casement window would be an ideal replacement window for you.  


    Learn more about which windows would best suit your home and lifestyle needs, or contact Beaumart today!

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    A London, Ontario home with aluminum home exterior products installed

    Why You Should Choose Vinyl Windows

    When customers visit Beaumart, we always recommend vinyl windows because of the many advantages they offer. Aluminum and wood were once considered the industry standard, but vinyl has quickly come on to the scene and offers a wide arrange of benefits and prosperity. When you eventually decide to go window shopping here are a few reasons you should strongly consider choosing vinyl windows.

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    newly installed vinyl windows

    Why You Should Choose Vinyl Windows

    When customers visit Beaumart, we always recommend vinyl windows because of the many advantages they offer. Aluminum and wood were once considered the industry standard, but vinyl has quickly come on to the scene and offers a wide arrange of benefits and prosperity. When you eventually decide to go window shopping here are a few reasons you should strongly consider choosing vinyl windows.


    Vinyl windows offer homeowners the comfort of knowing there is little-to-no work that ever needs to be done to their vinyl windows. Unlike their aluminum counterparts, vinyl windows hardly ever fog up. Due to the risk of condensation in aluminum windows, it could end up costing you, even more, to have a window expert visit your home and replace your windows for you. Due to the fog being on the inside of the window, there is virtually no solution other than to take the windows down and put new ones up.


    Vinyl windows are much more affordable than aluminum windows. Aluminum windows are primarily used on commercial buildings; therefore, the price is inflated. For residential homes, six vinyl replacement windows could end up costing you approximately $3,200, compared to $4,700 for six aluminum replacement windows. That equates to $1500 in approximate savings! This can be a deal breaker for homeowners when they take into consideration that those prices do not even cover the installation fees. That extra cash can go towards paying for customized designs and colours or other household tasks that require an economic investment.


    Picture this, you’re trying to fall asleep after a busy day at work, and your neighbours are laughing, chatting, and having a grand old time in their backyard. That sound can transfer through your window and impede your chances of having a good night’s rest. By choosing vinyl windows, the chance of being affected by outside noises is drastically decreased. Vinyl windows generally have a much heavier structure which reduces the potential of noises penetrating through the panes.

    Energy Efficient:

    Possibly the best reason to go with vinyl windows is to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible. Aluminum windows are notorious for attracting heat and then keeping it inside the building. You may be required to use your air conditioning unit much more than you had before which can surmount an impressively high albeit economically unsustainable energy bill. Vinyl windows are designed to keep cold or hot air from escaping depending on season and weather.


    To conclude, vinyl windows offer plenty of resourceful benefits to homeowners looking to install new windows. The lack of required maintenance, the cost, the ability to reduce incoming noises, and energy efficiency are all components to consider when actively window shopping. For more information about vinyl windows and installations, please feel free to contact Beaumart at (519) 453-2850 or in person at 622 First St, London, ON and our team of window experts would be glad to assist any inquiry you may have.

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    New windows installed in home

    Is It Time To Install New Windows?

    Windows do not last forever and there comes a time when they need to be replaced or upgraded. Whether there are substantial issues with your windows or you’re just looking for a change in decoration, here are a few reasons you may want to purchase new windows.

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