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    3 Reasons to Add a Patio Cover to Your Home

    Summer has just started and homeowners in London, Ontario are enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather by spending time in their backyard! The heat will only become more intense as Summer continues. So, if you lack proper shade in your backyard, it may be difficult for you to enjoy the beautiful weather.

    Let us introduce to you, patio covers! Patio covers not only add a much-needed level of shade to your backyard, but the impact they will have on your home’s resale value and backyard gatherings is immense. Here are three reasons you should consider adding a patio cover to your home:

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    Image of person cleaning gutter

    Important Reasons to Keep Gutter & Eavestroughs Clean

    They say April showers bring May flowers; however, the rain typically doesn’t stop when May comes around. Spring is notorious for intense rainfalls which can cause problems for homeowners if their gutters and eavestroughs are not cleared of debris & blockages. When your eavestroughs don’t allow rainwater to flow freely through your gutter system, water will begin to bay in the eavestrough and flow down the side of your house. Excess water can result in foundational and structural damage to your home, so it is imperative to clean your gutters. Here are some important reasons to ensure your gutters remain cleared this Spring:

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    Young woman cleaning her window

    How to Take Efficient Care of Your Windows So They’ll Last

    Choosing which windows, you want to have installed in your home is a big decision. Your windows are the source of inbound sunlight and provide you with a view of the outside. Your windows also play a relevant role in keeping your home’s internal temperature consistent and protect you from inclement weather conditions. Ensure that you perform routine maintenance on your windows to prevent them from cracking, breaking, and becoming inefficient. Here are a few things you can do at home to help sustain the lifespan of your windows:

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    Shadow of burglars hand approaching door

    How to Help Prevent Home Break-Ins

    Burglary rates have gone down across Canada over the last couple of years; regardless, it is important to safeguard your house and protect the people and possessions inside of it. Most home intruders will use entry points such as doors and windows to gain entrance into your home, and if your windows and doors are not adequately secured the potential for crime is increased. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your home security:

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    New windows installed in home

    Is It Time To Install New Windows?

    Windows do not last forever and there comes a time when they need to be replaced or upgraded. Whether there are substantial issues with your windows or you’re just looking for a change in decoration, here are a few reasons you may want to purchase new windows.

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    Why Soffit & Fascia Cladding Is Important

    Image of soffit and fascia cladding installed by Beaumart Aluminum Limited in London, ONUntil there’s a problem, some homeowners may never investigate just what’s hanging overhead. However, regular roof maintenance helps reduce the severity and cost of future repairs or replacements. Properly installed soffit and fascia cladding, for example, helps mitigate long-term health risks, conserves energy and maintains the integrity of the home’s exterior for years to come.

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