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What Are Popular Door Style Options?

The front door for your home is a focal point that not only affects the appearance of your house but how it functions as well. It’s never been easier to customize your door, but the huge variety of choices available, including colour and glass options can make it seem impossible.  This guide is intended to help with the decision and find which of the popular doorstyles are for you.


Often the safest design choice (especially when installing a door right before selling the home), the Traditional front doorstyle is a classic that everyone can appreciate. These doors often feature raised panels or coloured panes. Traditional doorsare available in fiberglass, wood, and metal and can be customized which is helpful if your door opening isn’t standard.

A popular choice from small cottages to large mountain retreats, the Craftsman is usually made from fiberglass or wood. Craftsman doors are known for their straight lines or Shaker-inspired look, which can be very sleek or modern. The Shaker (rectangular) designs are either made from panes or raised panels, even glass now. A door, for example, can feature one window at the top, with wood-outlined panes at the bottom.


Modern doors are often mistaken with Craftman style doors because of their consistent use of straight lines but Modern doors are fashioned very uniquely. You may find the square raised panes in frosted or translucent glass, for example. Modern doors are also usually larger than the standard door size and their hardware follows suit, by being plain with clean lines.


It’s no surprise that Rustic style doors are often made of wood. They pair well with homes or cottages with wood or stone exteriors. Rustic doors can be arched or rectangular, their cherished characteristic is their thickness. They have a hardiness and weight that are unique to rustic doors. You’ll often find them paired with bulky, oversized hardware that completes the look.


For most homes, Arched doors are usually custom-made to fit a home’s exact specifications. They’re loaded with charm and offer an eyecatching style that can’t be beaten when it comes to curb appeal.


Wood: a classic look with a rich sense of character. They can be stained or painted to match any exterior and customized in any shape or size. Wood is extremely popular here in London, the only downside with wood is the maintenance required to keep it looking beautiful. Wooden doors must be sealed right after installation and then resealed every couple of years to prevent warping or swelling.

Fiberglass: a great way to have the look of wood but with more durability. Just like wood they can be stained or painted whenever you like. While they’re usually more expensive than wood doors, they have an insulated core which provides your home additional protection and saves you money from their energy efficiency. Fiberglass doors also work in every climate including extreme cold or damp conditions.
Steel: perhaps the toughest material available for a front door. They’re durable and energy-efficient, however, they can be easily scratched and are prone to rust.