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Make a Statement with your Front Entrance

The front entrance is often the focal point of your home. It’s what welcomes your guests and is one of the biggest factors affecting curb appeal. It’s never been easier to customize your door, but the huge variety of choices available, including colour and glass options can make it seem impossible. This guide will take a look at front door options and how to make a statement with your front entrance.


Bold colours are an efficient way to make a statement. Ask your vendor for a sample of colour options to see what looks best against your siding. Keep in mind that only one bold colour is necessary, more than that and you risk the final result looking cluttered.


An old design secret for making a colour pop is to pair it with a different or contrasting colour. For example, a white doormay not seem exciting or bold, but when used with a house featuring dark grey siding it will stand out. Flowers, art and furniture cushions are also great for adding contrast.


There are so many hardware choices available, each bringing their own unique look and feel to a front entrance. Let your door style dictate your hardware, for example if you choose a Craftsman or Arched door, you may find antique bronze or flat black hardware to be better suited than satin or brushed nickel.


The front door is where the eye is drawn to. Whether you’re updating your forever home or getting ready to sell, use these tips to match with your specific door type:


A classic style that everyone can appreciate; these doors often feature raised panels or coloured panes. Traditionaldoors are available in fiberglass, wood, and metal and can be customized which is helpful if your door opening isn’t standard. Because of the colour options these doors come in, it’s easy to find accessories that match. This could lead to creative decor ideas. For example, if you have a red door, then use red cushions on your porch furniture for consistency and to help make it pop.

A popular choice from small cottages to large mountain retreats, the Craftsman is usually made from fiberglass or wood. Craftsman doors can be made to look “antique” or modern. You can play up either style by adding other wooden elements, or potted plants around the entrance. Keep your accent colour neutral to help maintain the charm of a Craftsman entranceway.


Modern doors are known for their consistent use of straight lines. They are also usually larger than the standard door size and their hardware follows suit, by being plain with simple lines. Using clean lines across your entranceway will help complete the picture guests are greeted by. Find furniture reminiscent of abstract art to keep this modern look.


In most cases, arched doors are usually custom-made to fit a home’s exact specifications. They come with plenty of charm and offer an eye-catching style. It’s not necessary to stick with round shapes while creating a look for your front entrance, but you will find they’re more appeasing to the eye than furniture or decor with straight edges and corners.