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Here Are Benefits of Getting A New Door

When it comes to making improvements on your home, few projects bring the benefits, or stretch your investment further, than a new door. This article explores the benefits of getting a new door.


Curb appeal is all about leaving a positive and lasting impression. From the landscape to the lighting, and right in the middle of it all, is your front door. It’s what greets your guests and is the first thing potential buyers judge when they see your home.

Research shows that proper curb appeal increases the value of your home by 7%. The front door specifically has an R.O.I. of 75%. A new front door really is a cost-effective way to improve the look and value of your home.


In a poll of convicted burglars who were asked “what was your ideal target for a burglary?”, a common answer was “cheap wooden doors”. They’re easy to kick in and the sound of a loud bang is better than the sound of broken glass.

New doors are available in steel or fiberglass which is extremely difficult to kick in. If you pair that with a storm door,you’ll be increasing your protection even more; as we learned the sound of the glass is something that sends potential intruders running.


A front door that’s welcoming and accessible for strollers, wheelchairs and walkers is an improvement everyone can benefit from. It’s one of the features that helps boost the R.O.I.


It’s impressive how much locking technology has improved in the last few years. Deadbolts are stronger, there’s push pads for codes, and smart systems that unlock with your smartphone. The new locking systems are a great addition, but many of them require replacing the entire current locking system, which makes it a great time to upgrade your door too.


Older doors were often made from wood, which wears out over the years. This is especially true about the framing as well. If you’re feeling a draft around the door, that means you’re losing your heat in the winter and your air conditioning in the summer.

Keep in mind, older doors usually accumulate water and weather damage. You’ll want to ensure the threshold is inspected for damage or mold, so you can correct the issues before replacing the door.

An energy efficient door is well insulated. That doesn’t just reduce your utilities, it helps decrease outside noise. Traffic, lawn mowers, barking, and all other loud noises are reduced.


The front door of your home is the focal point, customize it anyway you want. Rustic, modern, traditional, hand crafted, there are so many beautiful styles and features that you can choose from, not to mention the hardware. Hardware is a great way to personalize and make your doors stand out.

Installation services should also be factored in. Finding an experienced company you can trust to properly remove the current door, inspect the area for water damage and mold, and make any necessary repairs before reframing and installing the new door. They should also take their time when applying the trim, polishing the hardware, applying a sealant adhesive, and of course, clean up the job site.