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Here Are The Benefits Of Adding Railings To Your Patio

When you’re envisioning your patio, it’s fun to plan the design. To daydream about where the BBQ is going to be, where the table and chairs will go… maybe a lounger or two? It’s great to picture your family out there, making the most out of the long summers we get here in London.

What we don’t normally dream about is the railing. While an important feature to any deck, or staircase, they’re still usually an afterthought, especially for patios. But even if your patio is flush with your yard, railings still offer a few perks. That’s why we wanted to discuss the benefits of adding railings to your patio.


Acknowledging their most important feature seems like a great place to start. Railings provide safety in several ways. Their stability helps us balance by giving us something to hang onto in inclement weather. They also increase the accessibility of your patio, so all guests feel comfortable and welcomed.

At the same time, railings can help keep kids or pets within the perimeter of the patio, making it safer for everyone.


Railings around patios increase the spaces’ functionality. Business owners see it as an opportunity for customers to leash their dogs before entering. The opening through the railing to the patio is also welcoming to customers, it appears more inviting than just a door to your business.

The top of the railing is another surface that can be utilized. You can dress it up with plants or simply use it for resting your drink on while watching the kids play in the yard.

Railings are also great for lighting up your patio. We’ve seen homeowners install solar lights on the button of the railing, lighting up the perimeter of the patio. Citronella candles at night in the summer, placed on top of the railing help to keep the bugs away. Lights can also be installed on the outside of the railing, shining out to your yard.


We’ve mentioned how you can dress up a railing with plants, lights, candles, etc. There’s so much more to it than that, though. Railings can be completely customized in terms of their height, width, the material it’s made from, and colours.

Try playing around with the design. Some people like their railings to be subtle, reflecting the appearance of the patio, but others love the contrast you can achieve between different colours and materials.


With a railing you have options for increased security. Putting a locking gate at the entrance helps to keep trespassers out. You can also choose to raise the height of the rail to make it difficult to jump over. The railing also provides a surface to add security cameras or motion sensor lights.


Start by speaking with an expert in design and installation. It will be important to inspect the patio first. Then reflect back on some of the points we’ve discussed here. If you think you’ll want to decorate, or customize the railing, then you might want a wooden rail, with a wide flat top. That way you can use plants, lights and more.

You’ll also need to decide if you want the opening to remain open, or to install a gate. If you’d like to get started on your railing project this summer, get in touch, so we can start planning with you.