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What Are The Benefits Of Having Patio Doors

Here in London, we get beautiful summers, that sometimes last right through to the end of fall. Being able to take advantage of our weather by spending time outdoors has always been popular. However, with the options available now to extend your living space into your backyard with a covered patio, perhaps a dining area with a BBQ… it makes outdoorliving fun and easy. Your patio doors are a big part of that, creating ease and access to your yard. That’s why this article explores the benefits of patio doors.


There are two popular but very different choices for the entrance of your backyard: garden doors and patio doors. We recommend patio doors for several reasons, which will continue to explore further in this article. Right now, it’s important to clarify the difference between the two. Both are large glass openings that let in light and give you a great view of your backyard oasis. The major difference is how the doors open.

A garden door is screwed in at the side and uses hinges, so the doors open outward or inward to your backyard. A patiodoor has a sliding mechanism, so it slides, rather that swings open. Garden doors are also usually more expensive than patio doors, even though the material used for patio doors are typically stronger and more durable, so they can last longer. Another downside to garden doors is that they require more space on your patio for clearance, since they swing open.



The frame and structure of a patio door is similar to windows, meaning it can be customized to increase your homes energy efficiency.  Patio doors can be made in a double or triple pane and also allows you to add Low-E coatings for UV control.

  1. LIGHT

A sliding patio door really brightens the place up. They’re designed to maximize the glass surface, letting more natural light into your home. As we just mentioned, you also have the option to restrict the UV rays entering your home. This has been proven to protect flooring and natural stone countertops from discoloration.


It’s much easier to secure a patio door than a garden door. Many use a simple security bar or kick-lock at the bottom of the door to prevent it from sliding open. Dead-bolts and other various locking mechanisms work very well with patiodoors.


Sliding glass doors increase accessibility to your yard. Not only do they not require the clearance space that garden doorsrequire, but when carrying a tray of drinks out to the patio, it’s nice to not worry about a garden door swinging back on you.


If you already have a sliding patio door to your yard, there are some signs you can be on the lookout for, confirming it’s time to replace them:

  • The door slides with difficulty (such as getting stuck along the track). The door should, ideally, glide smoothly.
  • You hear squeaks when sliding it open or closed. Your patio door should be quiet when it slides.
  • The glass on your door fills with condensation or appears foggy.

It’s natural for these characteristics to pop up after 20-30 years of use. When it’s time to invest in a new patio door, look for one that’s made with quality vinyl and is EnergyStar approved. This will make the most out of your investment.