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Why Durable Eavestroughs Are Important

Here in London, we can be hit with some serious rain and thunderstorms. Sometimes it feels like days without sunshine. I remember how nervous all that rain would make me. “Gutter anxiety” is what I’d call it, because I would lie awake in bed fearing they have clogged with leaves again, or that they couldn’t handle the heavy rain coming down. I hated that feeling.

I don’t experience gutter anxiety anymore… too many sleepless nights and trips up the ladder to ensure they were clear. A few years ago, just as the spring rain was beginning, we replaced them with bigger, stronger aluminum eavestroughs and a leaf guard to top it off. That was a total game-changer and that’s why this article is focused on the importance of durable eavestroughs and how they’ll benefit you and your home.


If your gutters aren’t emptying at the same rate or faster than the rain coming down, you risk damage to your entire eavestrough system and maybe even your roof or the foundation of your home. Too much water can cause your eavestrough to bend, spilling the water directly down your siding and pooling against the side of your home. This can weaken your foundation and cause flooding in the basement.

Aluminum eavestroughs however are not only stronger, preventing the system from bending, but they’re bigger too, able to hold more water during those heavy downpours.


Since they’re very light, aluminum eavestroughs are easier to install, which saves you money on labour. They’re also not heavy enough to start sagging on their own, which many current eavestroughs do.

Seamless eavestroughs don’t just look cool, they’re a popular choice among homeowners because, no seams = no leaks. Seamless helps to ensure the water is efficiently carried away from your home. Leaking eavestroughs can cause soffit and fascia rot, damage your foundation, and cause mold or mildew to grow.


Steel eavestroughs might be a bit more durable than aluminum, but steel is heavy and can rust or corrode very easily. Aluminum on the other hand is lightweight and does not rust. This not only means they’ll stay newer longer, but it also means they’ll last much more than steel eavestroughs.


Copper and steel aren’t that flexible or customizable. Aluminum, however, can be designed perfectly to fit your home. They can be shaped to fit any space on the roof or down the side of your house. If you have an odd-shaped home or lots of angles, then copper and steel will take a lot of extra time to cut which adds to the labour costs of installing them, and they often don’t come out as nicely in the end. Aluminum eavestroughs can also come in a variety of colours to match perfectly with your home.


There are many homeowners in London that have seen maple trees and other vegetation growing from their gutters. The longer you go without clearing your eavestroughs, the taller those trees get. That’s why leaf guards are a great addition to any homes’ gutters, but especially if you’re thinking about replacing your current eavestrough system with aluminum. Leaf guards prevent your gutters from clogging, which is not only wonderful peace of mind during a downpour, but it also means you don’t have to climb up a ladder every couple of months to stick your hand into the gross mess of leaves; cleaning them out in time for the next storm. Additionally, leaf guards increase the sturdiness of your eavestrough system, acting as a continuous hangar bracket.