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5 Reasons Why You Need Storm Windows

Investing in storm windows for your home is a wise decision that will improve living conditions and save you money in the long run. Storm windows are designed to keep your home safe from extreme weather conditions that otherwise could inflict structural and foundational damage. If you’ve considered upgrading your windows, the exterior upgrade specialists at Beaumart Aluminum highly suggest checking out the variety of storm windows we have to offer at our store. The following article will discuss 5 reasons why you should consider investing in storm windows.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is important for your in-home comfort, your finances, and the environment. Storm windows boast superior insulation qualities that will prevent your cooled and heated air from escaping your home. Enhanced insulation will reduce the strain on your HVAC system and will keep your home at the temperature you desire.

Aesthetic Value

The window and door industry has made waves of technological advancements over the last couple of decades. Storm windows are available in a number of different styles and colours which is important for homeowners looking to add some personality to their living space. Homeowners can choose a storm window that best suits the appearance of their home, improving their property’s curb appeal and resale value at the same time.

Noise Reduction

The added insulation that storm windows provide isn’t just beneficial in terms of energy savings, it can also be helpful for noise reduction. Installing storm windows can be especially helpful for homeowners that live next to noisy neighbours, highways, or busy streets.

Protection For Your Main Windows

Storm windows keep your main windows safe from external elements that could cause damage. Essentially, storm windows act as a security blanket from your main windows, protecting them from intense winds, rain, and snow.

We’re frequently asked, “if the weather is going to affect my windows regardless, why should I invest more money in storm windows?” The answer is: storm windows are manufactured to withstand unfavourable conditions, whereas premium windows are more susceptible to damage like cracking and condensation buildup. Storm windows will increase the lifespan of your premium windows.

Added Security

It’s never a bad idea to add a little extra security to your home. Storm windows provide an extra layer of protection which will help keep unwanted people from taking an interest in your home. Furthermore, they come installed with a locking option which is ideal for families with little children.

Storm windows are a cost-effective, exterior upgrade solution that can help you save energy, improve the resale value, reduce noise, and improve home security. For more information on storm windows, please reach out to the home exterior experts at Beaumart Aluminum.