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How to Choose Your Style of Replacement Window

When you’ve realized that your home needs new replacement windows, the toughest part is choosing the right fit for your home. There are so many options available to homeowners in Southwestern Ontario, but it’s not easy deciding on a 15-30-year commitment. We wrote previously to help our customers familiarize themselves with the styles of the windows that we sell, which included double-hung, bay, and casement windows. However, we feel there is still so much potential for a variety of windows in your home. Here are three other window types you can choose from:

Awning Windows 

Awning windows are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their current windows. Unlike many windows, awning window hinges are located at the top of the frame – when opened, the window will produce an overhead awning which can be left open during most lighter rainfalls. These windows provide homeowners with an improvement in terms of ventilation and boast a modern look. While they may require a little more patience to clean efficiently, they provide homeowners with a wealth of energy conservation, which will reduce the price of monthly hydro bills.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are an incredibly popular choice for homeowners in London, ON and all over Canada. Slider windows can be installed as a single or double slider. Single slider windows allow for only one window sash to move, while double permits movability for both sashes. These windows are great as they offer homeowners an unimpeded view from inside their home, and they also work great for ventilation purposes. Not only are these windows usually the cheaper option they are also incredibly easy to keep clean.

Shaped Window

The best part about buying a home is the customizable options that homeowners use to make their home unique. One such way that homeowners personalize their living space is the installation of unique, shaped windows. Yet, this can be problematic when a uniquely shaped window either breaks or needs to be replaced. Geometric windows offer homeowners a boost to their home’s resale value as well as the overall curb appeal. Unfortunately, due to the precise dimensions that shaped windows require, the ordering process may take longer than it would for an awning or slider window. However, due to the energy and ventilation efficiency, these windows are an ideal solution for homeowners with unique window frames.

When it comes time to replace your windows, you need to have them installed by a professional window installation company for the best overall results. Whether it’s a new awning window, a slider window or a shaped window, the experts at Beaumart Aluminum will take care of your home like it’s our own! For more information, contact us today!