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benefits of vinyl windows

Why You Should Choose Vinyl Windows

When customers visit Beaumart, we always recommend vinyl windows because of the many advantages they offer. Aluminum and wood were once considered the industry standard, but vinyl has quickly come on to the scene and offers a wide arrange of benefits and prosperity. When you eventually decide to go window shopping here are a few reasons you should strongly consider choosing vinyl windows.


Vinyl windows offer homeowners the comfort of knowing there is little-to-no work that ever needs to be done to their vinyl windows. Unlike their aluminum counterparts, vinyl windows hardly ever fog up. Due to the risk of condensation in aluminum windows, it could end up costing you, even more, to have a window expert visit your home and replace your windows for you. Due to the fog being on the inside of the window, there is virtually no solution other than to take the windows down and put new ones up.


Vinyl windows are much more affordable than aluminum windows. Aluminum windows are primarily used on commercial buildings; therefore, the price is inflated. For residential homes, six vinyl replacement windows could end up costing you approximately $3,200, compared to $4,700 for six aluminum replacement windows. That equates to $1500 in approximate savings! This can be a deal breaker for homeowners when they take into consideration that those prices do not even cover the installation fees. That extra cash can go towards paying for customized designs and colours or other household tasks that require an economic investment.


Picture this, you’re trying to fall asleep after a busy day at work, and your neighbours are laughing, chatting, and having a grand old time in their backyard. That sound can transfer through your window and impede your chances of having a good night’s rest. By choosing vinyl windows, the chance of being affected by outside noises is drastically decreased. Vinyl windows generally have a much heavier structure which reduces the potential of noises penetrating through the panes.

Energy Efficient:

Possibly the best reason to go with vinyl windows is to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible. Aluminum windows are notorious for attracting heat and then keeping it inside the building. You may be required to use your air conditioning unit much more than you had before which can surmount an impressively high albeit economically unsustainable energy bill. Vinyl windows are designed to keep cold or hot air from escaping depending on season and weather.


To conclude, vinyl windows offer plenty of resourceful benefits to homeowners looking to install new windows. The lack of required maintenance, the cost, the ability to reduce incoming noises, and energy efficiency are all components to consider when actively window shopping. For more information about vinyl windows and installations, please feel free to contact Beaumart at (519) 453-2850 or in person at 622 First St, London, ON and our team of window experts would be glad to assist any inquiry you may have.