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    Image of newly replaced windows

    How to Choose Your Style of Replacement Window

    When you’ve realized that your home needs new replacement windows, the toughest part is choosing the right fit for your home. There are so many options available to homeowners in Southwestern Ontario, but it’s not easy deciding on a 15-30-year commitment. We wrote previously to help our customers familiarize themselves with the styles of the windows that we sell, which included double-hung, bay, and casement windows. However, we feel there is still so much potential for a variety of windows in your home. Here are three other window types you can choose from:

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    Beaumart - Bay window and kneewall. London, Ontario

    3 Efficient Ways to Increase Home Resale Value

    If you plan on selling your home, now or in the future, the money and effort that you put into improving your house will be worth it when you receive a handsome return. Some things you can do to improve your resale value are to upgrade major household elements such as windows and doors! Keep in mind, these upgrades won’t only increase resale value, but they will also improve living conditions! Here are three efficient ways to increase your home’s resale value:

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    New Patio cover installed on home

    3 Reasons to Add a Patio Cover to Your Home

    Summer has just started and homeowners in London, Ontario are enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather by spending time in their backyard! The heat will only become more intense as Summer continues. So, if you lack proper shade in your backyard, it may be difficult for you to enjoy the beautiful weather.

    Let us introduce to you, patio covers! Patio covers not only add a much-needed level of shade to your backyard, but the impact they will have on your home’s resale value and backyard gatherings is immense. Here are three reasons you should consider adding a patio cover to your home:

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    Sunview Patio Door in Windsor

    4 Reasons Why You May Want to Install Sliding Doors for Your Home

    We are close to the beginning of Summer and homeowners in London, Ontario, and all over Canada are providing upgrades to their home in preparation for the warm and relaxing weather. Hosting dinner parties, pool parties, or barbecues are a great way to spend your Summer nights. Even if you don’t host parties, allowing as much sunlight into your home during the Summer can improve your mood drastically. The benefits mentioned above are all made easier if your home has a sliding door. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding a sliding door to your home; the upgrade will not only provide you with exterior benefits but also interior advantages.

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    Shadow of burglars hand approaching door

    How to Help Prevent Home Break-Ins

    Burglary rates have gone down across Canada over the last couple of years; regardless, it is important to safeguard your house and protect the people and possessions inside of it. Most home intruders will use entry points such as doors and windows to gain entrance into your home, and if your windows and doors are not adequately secured the potential for crime is increased. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your home security:

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    Man using drill to install new door

    Important to Reasons to Have A Professional Install Your New Front Door

    Your front door says plenty about who you are; the choice of colour and design can help accentuate your individuality and personality. Your front door is the first impression you wish to make to anybody driving or walking by, so it’s essential that it’s installed proficiently. Here are some important reasons why hiring a professional door company is critical if you are replacing your front door:

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