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4 Reasons Why You May Want to Install Sliding Doors for Your Home

We are close to the beginning of Summer and homeowners in London, Ontario, and all over Canada are providing upgrades to their home in preparation for the warm and relaxing weather. Hosting dinner parties, pool parties, or barbecues are a great way to spend your Summer nights. Even if you don’t host parties, allowing as much sunlight into your home during the Summer can improve your mood drastically. The benefits mentioned above are all made easier if your home has a sliding door. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding a sliding door to your home; the upgrade will not only provide you with exterior benefits but also interior advantages.

Sliding Doors Fit A Wide Variety of Different Housing Styles

Sliding patio doors are ideal for homes with very little space to accompany a swinging door; sliding doors are so sleek and compact that you will be able to fill up your rooms without needing to adjust for a swaying door. Additionally, sliding doors also come with a sliding screen door which provides an abundance of ventilation and a locking option to prevent little children from opening and closing it. Whether you wish to implement a sliding door with one or two moving panels, the options and varieties available to homeowners are profuse.

Effortless Entry to Your Yard

Sliding doors are the definition of accessibility. When your hands are full, it can be a challenge opening a swinging door and its adjacent storm door. Whether you’re bringing out a tray of drinks or food, a sliding door will make it easier to reach your patio or pool deck.

Your Interior Will Boom with External Light

We told you that the exterior of your home is not the only thing that will benefit from the installation of a sliding door. The large windows that come with sliding doors let in a plethora of light which will change the entire ambience and character of your dining room, living room or kitchen. The additional light that sliding doors provide accentuate the colour of your walls, and it will help your room appear larger & more spacious.

Increased Energy Savings

By upgrading your old sliding door to a modern door you will increase energy efficiency. This is due to modern doors being double or triple pane units. The glass that comes with our sliding doors is stamped with the energy star approval, low e-glass panels and argon gas filled units.

If you own a sliding door, here are a few indications you may need an upgrade:

  • Your sliding door is tough to open (i.e. It gets stuck along the track, etc.)
  • You hear very loud squeaks or squeals as you open & shut your door
  • The glass on your sliding door is filled with condensation/ appears foggy
  • You have had the same door for 20+ years.