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What Are Factors To Consider When Choosing Windows For Your Home?

There are a lot of reasons to replace your home’s windows; maybe you feel a draft when you walk by or you notice one of the sashes are damaged (a sash is the part of the window that holds the framework around the glass). You may also discover the frame itself is rotting. But where do you begin with such a HUGE renovation?

This guide will help you prepare for the big job ahead, offering the most important factors to consider when choosing new windows for your home.


Honestly, it’s surprising how many styles of windows are ava

Available for homeowners to choose from these days. Here in London some of the most popular include:

  • Double-hung windows, which offer flexibility; there are two sashes that move up and down, so you can open the bottom or the top of the window.
  • Bay windows are always a beautiful addition to the home, they look impressive from inside and outside.
  • Awning windows have hinges at the top of the frame, when opened the window will produce an overhead awning that can be open during most rainfalls.

You can learn more about choosing the replacement window style here.


You might find it helpful to talk to an expert about materials and what is best for you. Wood and fiberglass, for example, are excellent insulators. Aluminum frames are durable and generally inexpensive.

You’ll also have to decide how many panes of glass you want; double-pane is standard. The space between the glass is filled with argon gas, which is a great insulator. Each pane also has a coating that improves the windows’ efficiency.


Consumer reports ran tests on the different types of windows available and found that the best performing windows cost $260-$580 USD (for a 3x5ft window). Here in London, the average price we see for a 2,000 sq foot home is $18,000-$22,000.

While you will see your gas and electric bills decrease, it’s unlikely you’ll recover the entire expense in energy savings alone. However new windows will increase your home’s overall value when it’s time to sell. You can learn a lot from this great article about investing in vinyl windows.


As a consumer, you have a couple of options available for replacing your home’s windows. Big box stores carry windowsyou can install yourself. Keep in mind this is a very tricky job to do. Care is needed when removing the current windows, if you cause too much damage you’ll need to repair the wall before the window can be properly fitted. You also want to inspect the area, this is a good time to tell if you’ve had water damage or termites. Some stores offer installation but be careful when reviewing their warranty options. This is where the big box stores are lacking in service and value.

Beaumont has been installing windows in London and southwestern Ontario since 1965. We’re proud to offer a wide selection of window designs, knowledgeable sales staff, quality installation by skilled craftsmen, and excellent warranties for peace of mind.