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preventing mold on windows

Methods to Stop Mold from Developing on Your Windows

Mould is a nuisance for any homeowner or business owner; the browning or blacking on the window is not only unappealing and unpleasant to look at, but it could also become a health hazard for your family or customers. The primary issue with mould is that it can be hard to detect, as it often can blend in with the colour of the window frame. Cause for concern should spark upon sight of mould because what you can see is only a fraction of what is present. Here are a couple of tips to prevent mould from developing on your windows and what to do if mould has already developed:

Removing Mold from My Windows

  • Safety first! Ensure you wear personal protective equipment (PPE) before handling any toxic materials, protect your skin by wearing gloves, goggles to shield your eyes, and a dust mask to keep you from ingesting dangerous toxins.
  • Use a towel or any sheet to catch falling mould while cleaning your window.
  • Make sure there is enough ventilation, opening windows and doors can protect you from airborne viruses caused by mould.
  • Do NOT merely use generic window cleaners! Mix a concoction that is 75% warm water and 25% bleach. Dip a soft brush in the mix and rub the mould to loosen it up. Then proceed to wipe the loose mould.
  • Give the window time to dry before shutting it entirely and wipe away any extra debris.

So now that you understand the simple and effective way to remove mould that has grown onto your windows, you need to know the best way to prevent this from occurring again.

Ways to Prevent Mold from Growing on My Windows

  • Condensation is one of the leading culprits in the development of harmful moulds. To prevent condensation build-up, the internal temperature of your home should be northward of 70 degrees while managing proper airflow by leaving your ceiling vents open.
  • Routine home cleaning can prevent mould from thriving. Standard dust found in every household contains the right properties to help mould grow. Dust will settle on the mould causing the mould to grow and spread throughout the window. Rooms that are used more frequently contain more dirt, so bathrooms and bedrooms are familiar places for dust amalgamation, ensure these rooms remain clean.
  • Certified replacement windows, installed by a window professional, will ensure that your home receives optimal efficiency in air infiltration as well as water seepage.

Beaumart wants every home and business owner to showcase windows they can be proud to own. We also wish for every homeowner and business owner to not risk their health or the health of those around them. The toxins that mould can spread can be potentially hazardous. If you are looking to upgrade your windows and get rid of mould once and for all, contact Beaumart today!