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Summer Home Improvement Guide

Summer is here! The kids are done school and everyone is spending a lot more time outside. This is a fantastic time to take on some home improvements. This guide is a great start to help you prioritize and plan for the work ahead. This way you can make the most out of your time; get the work done, while still enjoying summer.


Sometimes we reach a point where we (or our neighbours) become fed up with our siding. Whether it’s dirty, peeling, or just doesn’t have the same appeal it used to have, this is the time to remedy that.

Sometimes it’s as easy as tracking down a power washer and spraying away the ugly. Other times a closer look reveals chips and cracks. If inspecting your siding to determine whether to replace it or not, be sure to do a full inspection, looking for discolouration, pests, or rot.

Vinyl siding has become popular lately because of the lack of maintenance it requires. Often all that’s needed this time of year is a gentle wiping with soap and water. If you do an inspection and determine it’s time to replace the siding, be sure to speak with an experienced provider/installer. They should be able to help you decide between vinyl, aluminum and fibre cement board, and can help you choose a new colour (if you feel like spicing things up).


Whether they’re feeling drafty, looking old, or causing your energy bills to skyrocket, this is a great time of year to replace your windows. If you haven’t been window shopping in a while, you may be surprised by how many styles of windows are available for homeowners to choose from. Their durability and sustainability are also impressive. Here in London, some of the most popular include:

  • Double-hung windows, which offer flexibility; there are two sashes that move up and down, so you can open the bottom or the top of the window.
  • Bay windows are always a beautiful addition to the home, they look impressive from inside and outside.
  • Awning windows have hinges at the top of the frame, when opened the window will produce an overhead awning that can be open during most rainfalls.

Learn more about choosing a replacement window style here.


If your gutters don’t empty as fast as, or faster than the rain coming down, then your entire eavestrough system and maybe even your roof or foundation are at risk. Too much water can cause your eavestrough to bend. This spills the water directly down your siding and it usually pools against the side of your home. This can weaken your foundation and cause flooding in the basement.

Aluminum eavestroughs however, are stronger which prevents the system from bending. They’re bigger too, able to hold more water during those heavy downpours. New aluminum eavestroughs are also lighter and easier to install, which saves you money on labour.

While upgrading your eavestroughs, consider installing Gutter Guards as well. They save you time from having to clear them out, prevent rust and freezing as well.


From Traditional, to CraftsmanRustic to Arched, the selection of doors available might seem overwhelming, but it’s really a wonderful thing. Your front door is a statement, it’s the first impression for guests (or potential home buyers), so it deserves your time and investment. Not only are you able to customize the style of door, but the materials and colour as well.

  • WOOD is extremely popular material for front doors here in London. The only downside with wood is the maintenance required to keep it looking beautiful. Wooden doors must be sealed right after installation and then resealed every couple of years to prevent warping or swelling.
  • FIBERGLASS doors are a great way to have the look of wood but with more durability. Just like wood they can be stained or painted whenever you like. While they’re usually more expensive than wood doors, they have an insulated core which provides your home additional protection and saves you money from their energy efficiency.
    STEEL doors are the toughest front door you’ll find. They’re durable and energy-efficient, however, they can be easily scratched and are prone to rust.