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Why You Should Invest in Storm Doors for This Upcoming Winter

Although we may only be in October, with November and December just around the corner, it is now time to focus on your home to ensure you are prepared for the cold weather to keep you and your family warm. Turning on your furnace is an excellent step in keeping your house warm, but did you know that you can upgrade your windows and doors to provide optimal temperatures and energy efficiency in cold months? Here are a few reasons why you should invest in storm window and doors this upcoming Winter:

Keep Your House Warmer:

Many homes utilize storm doors as an extra layer of protection from external temperatures and extreme weather conditions. If you do not have a storm door for your front and side doors, you may notice considerably cool breezes and a very cold internal temperature as the sun sets. Storm doors are efficient at blocking out cool winds and insulating the inside of your home, so that warm air doesn’t escape. With Winter storms, frost, snow and hail they can pelt your front and side doors and if it freezes it can seriously damage the finish on your door, contribute to cold temperatures inside your home and possibly freeze over which can give you a hard time entering and exiting your home.

Added Protection & Security

An added benefit to adding storm doors to your main and side doors is that it provides you with an extra layer of protection from weather conditions as well as potential intruders in your home. Storm doors can be locked from the inside preventing people from even touching your front door. This can be beneficial for those living in areas without proper street lighting or houses without spotlights, porch lights or security cameras. Especially in the Winter when break-ins are much more common due to the holidays and Christmas, a storm door will help keep you, your family and your belongings safe.


Storm doors provide an alternate way to save money all while being completely affordable. Storm doors will not only save you on the cost of heating or cooling, but the price of a storm door is significantly less than purchasing a brand-new front door. If your door is an older door or is allowing an uncomfortable amount of airflow past it, you may need to replace the door eventually. For the time being, a storm door does a fantastic job at preserving your front doors current condition for a significantly cheaper cost.

This winter, be prepared for the cold weather and the circumstances that the Winter brings. Take precautionary steps to ensure your house is safeguarded from home intruders and stop spending more money on your energy bills to make up for energy that has escaped. Make an affordable upgrade to your home and increase your property value by installing a storm door this Winter. For more information on availabilities, pricing and general inquiries, contact Beaumart today!