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Which Style Of Replacement Windows Should You Choose?

If the time has come to replace your windows, you may want to consider a stylistic change from what you once had. New windows can change the environment and the mood of your family room, dining room, bathroom or bedroom. Specific windows allow in more light, while others are better for ventilation and energy conservation. Here are a few different styles that may interest you when you are in the market for new windows.

Double Hung

Double hung windows are an ideal window for any house due to their modernist style and versatility. Double hung windows have two panels that are movable which allow for easy and routine cleaning & maintenance. If needed, double-hung windows are also capable of containing a window air conditioner unit. Double hung windows allow homeowners to completely open one side of the window which permits copious amounts of fresh air and ventilation into the house, which would be ideal for those living in hot or dry areas.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows are windows that protrude through the outside of your home and create the illusion that you have more space inside your home.  Bay windows typically allow for a significant intake of sunlight due to a large surface area of the window. With the implementation of a bay window, it opens up a window seat for the inside of your home. This seat can be used as an additional lounging spot when you have family or guests over. If you wish to be creative, there is an opportunity for you to use the window seat a cubby hole for storage; by installing hinges on your bench, you can use it to store items such as blankets, television remotes or board games.

Casement Windows

Casement windows provide homeowners with design options aplenty; they fit the parameters of your window space. When closed, they are amongst the leaders in energy efficiency as they do a sublime job of restricting air from flowing past the glass. Casement windows are supreme at capturing side breezes that other windows would have a difficult time catching. A breeze that does not directly flow inside your window tricky to catch; since casement window panes protrude from an angle, they are good at capturing side breezes and siphoning them into your home. They also add a layer of security to your home as the locking mechanism is very intricate and nearly impossible to touch. For homeowners living in areas susceptible to crime or break-ins, a casement window would be an ideal replacement window for you.  Learn more about which windows would best suit your home and lifestyle needs, or contact Beaumart today!