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What Are Popular Window Styles

There are a lot of factors that go into creating the perfect window including construction, materials used, design, glazing, and more. This article focuses on popular window styles and what makes them special, so you can choose the perfect windows for your home.

Before discussing the styles of windows available, this is a good opportunity to learn about vinyl windows and why they’ll benefit your home.


Your windows are an investment, and vinyl windows are the safest bet for your home. You’ll see energy savings year-round, which also means your HVAC system won’t need to work as hard in the summer or the winter. Many are also impressed by their strength and quality. Their durability makes vinyl windows a good long-term solution, meaning you get even more value from your investment. Learn more about vinyl windows and how they’ll benefit your home here.


Double hung windows are the most common style we see here in the London area and Beaumart is proud to offer doublehung windows by Regency. Their design offers great functionality, energy savings as well versatility. Double hungwindows allow the glass to tilt in or out, which makes cleaning them much easier. They also offer the ability to open the upper sash, which provides amazing airflow.

Being able to open both the upper and lower sash also helps recirculate the air, with warm air escaping through the top and cooler air entering through the bottom.

Another perk of double hung windows is the safety they provide. In homes with small children, you can choose to open the upper sash only, keeping the kids safe inside.


Similar to a storm door, storm windows are installed outside of a previously installed window. They provide extra wind protection and insulation from the weather.

We recommend storm windows from Gentek. When installed over your existing window, the space creates a thermal barrier, keeping your heating and air conditioning costs low. Noises from outside are also reduced. These windows are known for their affordability, and for increasing the life of your current windows.


“Elegant” is a great word to describe slider windows. They offer a clean-line design and heavy-duty construction. Sliderwindows are designed for openings that are wider than they are tall.

A special feature offered by Regency for slider windows is a sleek sash that glides horizontally. This allows effortless opening and closing, plus they lift out to make cleaning both sides easy.


Unlike slider windows, casement windows are meant for spaces that are tall or narrow. They are attached to the windowframe and swing outward. Usually a crank, handle or lever is used to open and close casement windows.

Casement windows offer excellent ventilation and are also known for being one of the most energy efficient options. This is because the seal on a casement window isn’t flexible, like it is on a sliding window.

Popular features you’ll want your casement window to have include spring loaded screens, for easy removal and premium vinyl frames and sash to ensure they will not peel, rust or corrode.


These are like a combination of sliding and casement windows. Awning windows are great for openings that are wider than taller (just like sliding windows). However, they open like casement windows, with the hinge on the top of the frame. This allows them to open outward from the bottom. What’s nice about awning windows is that you can keep them open while it’s raining, because the angle of the glass prevents rain from getting in.


The popular choices listed here only scratch the surface of the windows available from Beaumart. Single hung windows, bay, hopper, picture, and shaped windows are also available. There are many factors to consider when replacing the windows for your home, which is why we’re happy to help. Whatever you choose, it’s nice to know that all our custom windows are approved by EnerStar, meeting the strictest standards, and technical specifications for energy performance.