Beaumart Aluminum Limited

Single & Double Hung Windows in London, ON

Single & Double Hung Windows
Beaumart carries an extensive inventory of window styles, including:

The ultra-premium construction of single and double hung windows not only lends classic beauty to your home, it also provides outstanding protection and energy efficiency. The screens of these windows are on the exterior.

A single hung window is a vertical slider in which the top pane of glass is fixed and the bottom sash moves. The lower sash tilts in for ease of cleaning. Single hung windows have a screen at the bottom. The screen of the double hung windows are similar to single hung windows, except that both sashes move and are controlled by a balancing mechanism. Double hung windows usually have a full screen allowing for top or bottom ventilation.

As with all of our window products, they are EnergyStar approved, ideal for climates within London, Ontario and surrounding area, and match the highest ratings in the window industry.