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Awning Windows in London: Inward & Outward

Awning Windows
Beaumart carries an extensive inventory of window styles, including:

Outward Awning Windows

Opening up and out, awning windows offer a unique decorating accent while also providing convenient ventilation with just a touch of the handle. The can offer a wider unimpaired view than a casement window while looking very similar inside and out. Pairing awning windows with fixed lights also creates a variety of options to customize the overall look and functionality of your windows. The screen of an awning window is on the interior, protecting it from harsh weather.

Awning windows pivot at the top and swing outward. Our awning windows are operated with a roto-gear, older versions may have a push-out lever. Awning windows can be left open during rainy weather, allowing for ventilation while still protecting the interior. This window type provides up to 100% ventilation, as well.

Inward Awning Windows

Opening inward and up this window is ideal for basement window egress. The hinges are mounted at the top and the window sash swings open to a 90 degree angle to the wall. This allows for lots of ventilation and an emergency escape, providing the opening is large enough. The screen of this window is on the exterior.

As with all of our window products, they are EnergyStar approved, ideal for climates within London, Ontario and surrounding area, and match the highest ratings in the window industry.