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Casement Windows in London

When you think of windows as a style element in your home, you’ll see why casements are a popular choice.

The handsome construction, ample glass exposure and gentle outward opening of the sash impart refreshing ventilation and aesthetic appeal.

Casement Windows

Casement windows swing outward on side hinges. These windows can be hinged left or hinged right and are operated with a roto-gear and crank. Casement windows provide almost 100% ventilation, because they can be fully opened and the out-swinging sash can direct plenty of air into the building. The screen of a casement window is on the interior of the window, which protects it from harsh weather.

As with all of our window products, they are EnergyStar approved, ideal for climates within London, Ontario and surrounding area, and match the highest ratings in the window industry.