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Bay & Bow Windows in London

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Beaumart carries an extensive inventory of window styles, including:

Add the perfect touch of refinement to your home with a beautifully crafted bay or bow window.

This charming focal point creates the appearance of an expanded living area while allowing ample natural light to fill the room.

Bays and bows are a combination of windows that project outward from a building wall. A bay window has a fixed centre window parallel to the wall, flanked by two operating windows (casement or double hung windows) attached at an angle (usually 45 degrees). Bow windows have more than three sections set at gentle angles (usually 10 degrees) that give the window a curved appearance (like a bow).

As with all of our window products, they are EnergyStar approved, ideal for climates within London, Ontario and surrounding area, and match the highest ratings in the window industry.