Beaumart Aluminum Limited

Window Installation Services in London, ON

Beaumart Aluminum Limited has been proudly serving residents in and around the London, ON area since 1965.

Our premier window installation services will help to improve the style, safety and comfort of your home.

Beaumart carries an extensive inventory of window styles, including:

All custom windows are approved by EnergyStar, meeting strict technical specifications for energy performance. 

Types of Windows We Offer

We offer a broad range of window options, all of which are backed by lifetime warranties. Our vinyl and custom windows are available with EnergyStar certification and meet strict energy performance guidelines. Our energy efficient options are available for residential, high-rise and commercial applications.

Our specific window types include casement, awning, slider, single hung, double hung, bay, bow, hopper, picture and shaped. Each category comes with unique benefits and uses. Awning and hopper windows, for instance, are great for basements and bathrooms. Bay, bow and picture windows, on the other hand, are perfect for those who enjoy ample amounts of natural light. 

Window Replacement

The installation process tends to be relatively straightforward and a complete home could take anywhere from one to four days. The first step will include the removal of any old windows. Then, we will begin the replacement phase, which involves the placement of exterior cladding. The cladding will provide a tight seal against potential weather threats. Once these steps are complete, we will test each window and clean up debris where necessary. We will also keep you informed and updated throughout the entire process.

Contact Beaumart Aluminum Limited today and request a free estimate. Please feel free to visit our showroom to get an up close and personal view of our quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are Installing Bay Windows Really Worth It?

Ans. Bay windows are great for adding volume to your house, and increasing curb appeal of your house. Bay windows are a great addition in traditional houses and it creates more spacing for the room and ceiling as well. Commonly homeowners will

2) What Is The Basic Window Installation Cost?

Ans.  Window installation cost varies depending on the model and type of window you are installing. Basics window installation cost can vary from $400 to $1100 including the purchase and installation in Canada. Different windows like casement windows, bay windows, sliding windows come in different parts and the material cost varies on your chosen design, color and volume of the order.

3) Which Window Style to Buy for A Modern Home?

Ans.  While choosing windows for a modern homes, you should keep in mind that choosing a minimalistic and contemporary variety of window is always recommended. Modern homes will typically have picture windows, casement windows and awning windows. Hung windows and slider windows are still installed into modern homes as well. The clean lines of these windows make the room more bright and they are customizable by configuration of the window and with configuration of the glass.

4) Is It Cheaper to Replace Windows All-together?

Ans. Replacing all the windows at your home together is always better than replacing them at intervals. If the conditions of your windows are not well, and if you are already renovating your home. Window replacements will cost you for the taking down of the current window, along with purchase and installation of new window. You can get a quotation for bulk orders in terms of materials instead of buying individual windows.

5) How Often Should I Change The House Windows?

Ans. If you are buying windows from a reliable company like Gentek Regency you can expect to have those windows for 25 to 30+ years when professionally installed. A few signs that the windows need replacing are visible damage, condensation on the inside of windows, and if the glasses from the slide panels are coming off.